FORMA - take out mechanism

take out mechanism

  • full-automatic removal of stemware, tumblers… from the blowing machines IBS
  • up-side-down positioning on the conveyor belt for safe transportation
  • syncronized with blowing machines
  • optional clock- or counter-clockwise operation
Transfer Station

Servo Press and Transfer Station

  • faster production cycle – 2 to 3 pieces more per min.
  • exact pressing due to servomotor
  • gap-free gob transfer due servoactuator
  • by usage of a rotary distributor no more leakage of flexible hoses during gob transfer

Firepolishing machine

  • for the polishing off of seamlines on stems
  • for the smooth transition from bowl to stem and stem to footplate
  • reheating for the short-stretch process
  • can be retrofitted onto all Forma blowing machines
Servohydraulic for pressing

Servohydraulic for pressing

  • in the new presses we also use a new method in the Stationary Hydraulics – Hybrid Ram with Closed Loop Oil Circuit. This system permits high power density and high dynamics.
  • the new press-unit consits of the following components:
  • press-cylinder double acting
  • servo motor and servo pumps, aligned with the cylinder surface
  • compensation tank and pressure safty valve
  • the new press-unit is fixed on the crossbar of the press
New drive system for press

New drive system for press

  • special ring gear drive system with two Servoactuators designed for high load and less backslash
  • presses with mould radius 30″ and max. press capacity 30kN need no table support
  • 2 rotary servo actuators with water cooling for high speed drive. The actuators are combined at the acceleration and deceleration – at positioning they work against each other with abt. 30% of its tonque – this secures highest percision
  • high torsional rigidity and coupling free integration between motor and transmission
  • drive system is designed for 0,4 sec. for moving presstable with mould radius 38″ abt. 22,5 degree
Camera monitoring system

Camera monitoring system

  • secures the optimized positioning of the gob on the working table
  • secures the 100% centered blowing process
  • each individual position of the working table is memorized – hence the camera monitoring system can be multiple used on different machines
  • can be retrofitted onto all Forma blowing machines for multiple usage