IBS Blowing Machine

Technical features of our new generation of blowing machines IBS:

  • single station drive of each module
  • servo press transfer station with servo actuator motor
  • special moving burner units and servo raising stations in combination with a short stretch equipment a perfectly smooth transition from bowl to stem can be achieved.
  • quick change system (module can be changed in less than 10 minutes)
  • median adapter
  • divided. very sturdy working table
  • Siemens Simotion Control System
  • Machines with 20 Stations and more can be equipped with special equipment for the production of perfect smooth transition – pulled outlook of stemware glasses.

IBS Big Volume Machine

Technical features of our new generation of
BIG VOLUME blowing machines IBS: 

  • designed for big volume items
  • module version
  • processor-controlled
  • centrally high pressure lubricating equipment
  • raising stations / servo raising stations
  • synchronization equipment