Emil Ilk
founder of Forma Glass


Born and raised in a glassmaker´s family the material glass was since my childhood part of my life. Soon recognizing the efforts of glassblowing during the manufacturing process of masterpieces it occurred to me to develop glass processing machines.

All my professional life was dedicated to achieve this target – to build machines which put out products coming close to handmade masterpieces.

Hence our company´s philosophy is “we do not want to be the largest, but the best.”

This philosophy drives us continuously to develop, build and optimize machines for the production of glassware at an unique quality level according to the needs of our customers and the markets they serve.

Step by step to the top

  • 1968 Forma Glasmaschinen GmbH was founded by Mr. Emil ilk – Invention of the “process 2” by Mr. Ilk – production of seamless footplates for the stemware. Patent-license awarded to Mr. Ilk.
  • 1970 setting into operation of the first full-automatic stemware production line at Rosenthal.
  • 1975 acquisition of Wilhelm Kutzscher company founded in 1890 in Kiel, Germany – focusing on the development of semi.- and full-automatic machines for glass processing.
  • 1980 merging of Wilhelm Kutscher company and Forma Glasmaschinenbau to Forma Glas GmbH located in Zwiesel, Germany. Setting up of a center of competence under the ownership and management of Mr. Ilk – to ensure systematic enhancement and optimization of processing focusing on the blow/blow technology of full automatic glass processing machines.
  • 2007 acquisition of the new headquarter in Neukirchen/Enknach, Austria.
  • 2010 setting into operation the first short-stretch stemware line – new unique quality standards for blow stemware.
  • Up to now more than 80 complete production units have been sold worldwide.